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We don't have a traditional membership model or membership dues. When you join Nafshenu, you are not a member but a nefesh, a soul, within our community. 

Judaism teaches that every soul possesses 7 middot, divine emotive attributes.  We offer 7 giving suggestions based upon your stage in life and aligned with each middot.  

We ask that all nefashot, souls, make a donation that both honors Nafshenu’s important work and also works for your budget.  

CHESED (Kindness) - $75/month

For young individuals with a love of life looking to nourish their developing souls with spirituality.

GEVURAH (Strength) - $125/month

For individuals looking to add a passion for Judaism to their lives.

TIFERET (Harmony) - $140/month

For young couples looking to nourish their collective souls with the gift of Judaism.

NETZACH (Endurance) - $225/month

For couples whose souls have persevered throughout the years and are looking to continue to grow together through Judaism.

HOD (Glory) - $250/month

For young families discovering a new definition of humility as their souls are blessed with the gift of children.

YESOD (Foundation) - $300/month

For families establishing a foundation of Judaism in their family as their children approach B’nai Mitzvah and beyond.  

MALCHUT (Majestic) - $450+/month

For any soul inspired to pursue the Jewish mandate of tzedakah and justice in a majestic way.  

Thank you, in advance, for choosing to support Nafshenu's sacred work in re-imagining Jewish life.

Choose which soul level works for you then sign into your account. If you aren't sure how, let us know by emailing us at  Then, sign up for a recurring donation that meshes with your budget. 

Fri, July 19 2019 16 Tammuz 5779