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Nafshenu Community Brit and Tzedakah

Nafshenu exists to reimagine Jewish life and in order to do that, we are excited to welcome individuals and families to engage in our sacred and holy work. We will journey together to make Judaism bold, courageous, and transformative for those who choose to call Nafshenu their spiritual home, and within the greater community as well. This is a culture shift for those who are used to traditional transactional Judaism. We are a relational community and pride ourselves in who we are and what we stand for. Each individual has value and makes a difference in the life of our community.

When you join Nafshenu, you commit to the four aspects of Jewish life which is the foundation of our community: (1) spirituality; (2) education; (3) social justice; (4) and community, which includes supporting Nafshenu with your time and by making tzedakah contributions which come from your heart. By joining us and signing this Brit, this covenant of Jewish life, you commit to making these four aspects your own.





We don't have a traditional membership model or membership dues. When you are a part of Nafshenu, you are not a member but a nefesh, a soul, within our community. As there is no formal dues structure, this sacred community relies solely on contributions of Tzedekah (righteous giving) to operate. This means that our community is supported by the tzedakah of each individual or family. Each nefesh is encouraged to give to our community gifts of the heart. We ask that you give until you are proud of your donation, knowing that you have supported this sacred work of our community.

We invite you to make a contribution that is both meaningful and possible for you and/or your family. Contributions can be made in one yearly payment or in installments. Regardless of your contribution, please know how much we appreciate your generous support.

Please make your donation by clicking on DONATE above.


By electronically checking the box below, you are agreeing to join Nafshenu, our sacred community.

Fri, May 7 2021 25 Iyyar 5781