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Nafshenu seeks to reclaim and reimagine Judaism in an ever changing modern world. We believe that Judaism can and must be relevant and spiritual, provide inspirational learning, build organic community, and be a powerful voice for social change.


Nafshenu is a dynamic local Jewish community that exists to nurture each soul to:

   •     Develop a healthy spiritual life;

   •     Connect through engaging and experiential learning opportunities;

   •     Fulfill the Jewish mandate to pursue social justice; and

   •     Create an organic and authentic community connecting souls to each other


In order to accomplish our vision, Nafshenu is different than the traditional model of Jewish life; it is the kind of community that recognizes the power that Judaism has to transform our lives-it is in the uncomfortable moments of life when we grow the most. We are a community of seekers: each one of us is on our own journey bringing our own gifts and our own sacred stories. This is what makes our community strong.

We are a community that acknowledges that there are multiple access points to Jewish life and each person is welcome, without judgment. Among us are believers and doubters, those with years of Jewish learning and those who are just beginning, social justice activists and those looking to find their own voice. We are comprised of different backgrounds but come together as one community.

We are partners with God and with each other in making our community, the greater South Jersey area, and our greater world, a better place. These are our Core Values and they define us, guide us, and ensure that everything we do is aligned with our vision and mission.


Please be generous and support our important work in reimagining Jewish life.

We are a donation based community so our budget is supported by you, by those who believe in our work. We don't have a membership dues system because we believe in the power of people to support what they believe in, to give as their hearts move them to give. We have a modest budget and we ask you to give something on a monthly basis. This is what tzedakah, righteous giving, is all about.

Nafshenu is a 501c3 non profit organization. All donations are fully tax deductable and statements will be provided at the end of the year. 


Fri, May 7 2021 25 Iyyar 5781